sagbot overdose

multicolored candy wrappers, tinapa scented cellophanes, rotten fallen leaves, empty bottles of tropicana twister,econo foil packs stained by soy sauce and vinegar, brown bag with barely bitten pandesal, unclassified leftovers in paper plates, sticks of nicotine,piled bottles of red horse beer, burned up mary jane, plastic sachets with traces of methamphetamine, melamine rich milk products,monosodium g plus minola o, her excellency, his majesty, the unhonorables, their unholiness, presidential pardon kay teehankee, killing view in mindanao, rise and fall of gasoline, papogi rock,overpopularized emo lyf-istayl, gold album ni gretchen barreto, teledrama adaptation sang pelikula ni ate shawe, heavy drama scenes of sam milby,political ambitions of manny p., ‘let’s help the ofw’ ad ni manny v., one liners ni justice secretary, ‘hindi ako tatakbo sa 2010′ nga mga hirit, welcome sign sa emergency room, unreferred referrals from various hospitals, no philhealth-no admission policy, ’puno na ang amon hospital’ ideology, celebs and other hospital VIPs, korupsyon 101 sa tertiary hospital, 800 patients in a 400 bed capacity hospital, karton beds, bp of 90/60 and an open ampule of nicardipine, hard crust POPs, epinephrine post mortem, morphine-ketamine-nalbuphine-meperidine in your fucking painless brain, relaks-relaks mode clinical instructors, chin up-breast out- know it all MDs, chin up-breast out PGIs, chin up JIs, casual-cho nurses- and- classified N1s acting like nurse trainees, nurse trainees contented with their status as trainees, random rubbish thoughts covering a suicidal hangover.


jj said...

sure way ka nakahithit ketalar sang ini?????

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha simpleng hirit sa mga "sagbot" sg world...nice one!