can i really find sympathy between shit and syphilis?


dalawampu't kuatro anonymous

at muli kong sinimulan ang aking araw
sa panonood ng dvds
guin sulit ko naman ang
"When Harry Meet Sally"
i wanted to cry but Billy Crystal
was so pretty and Meg Ryan
was so funny...
sa pananghalian hindi kinalimutan
ni dadz ang all-time fave niyang
lechon manok sa turbo,
kag nadumduman niya magbakal
sang 3 in1 ice cream ala Ate Shawie
then the usual cake and coke
added the calories...
at natapos ang araw na masaya
nahugasan ang mga plato
and a passive family bonding followed
ngayon nga ay Biyernes, ika-16 ng Mayo
biente kuatro anyos na ko
and nothing really changed.


entries of tendencies

(two of my earlier poems, i still don't get it when others will resort to painkillers just for the kicks.)


Scars define sadness and blame.
beneath those scars
are veins
waiting to taste
the sharpness of dependance.
flowing within those veins,
the blood
that awaits
pleasure and pain.
Your arms define sadness and blame.

Vampires and Painkillers

In darkness,
we find comfort
like lovers
lost in a dance.
your look,
your touch,
and I am thirsty
yet everytime
we feel the numbness
its like madness
that we long
for more.

ging-ging remembered

i remember you yesterday like a mother's day aftertaste...

flooded by memories of
exchanged text messages,
sugar cravings,
and your primate's addiction.

missing your smile and giggle,
our laughs,
and periods of insanity.

a reminder of closeness and friendship,
of silence, sadness
and passive warmth.

...and just like that i am again illuminated.



a makeshift cemetery for a dead van and rotten freezers lit my way this morning after another episode of nursing slavery in corazon locsin which was my first overall choice for the practice of my vocation which turns out to be another term for a painful profession which is universally termed by the unemployed as a social lie which is a bad thing because dishonesty is like eating a decayed chocolate cake which contains a lot of calories which you can easily burn by rendering four nights of straight up duty in a crap tertiary hospital which i'll always remember as my first overall choice to practice my dream job which can be rephrase simply as a draining state- the one you'll have after viewing a cemetery of junk and a stained dtr.


my goblet of rock

tonight, i'm raising it again

embracing the philosophy

of Dewey Finn,

the backdrafts of Jimmy Page,

and nightmares of Kurt Cobain.

tonight, i'm savoring it again


hands- trembling,

ears- totally open.

tonight, i'm feeling it again

not as a nurse

or a trying hard follower

but a worthy demigod

in the making.


Theos ek Mekhanes

He pulses a familiar pain.
You picture a noose in front.

He ends your self made phase.
You still crave for pharmacy keys.

He lights your way.
You choose not to start a process.

(indi ko ka intyende nga-a kabudlay guid magsunod.)



before embracing the whole idea of this blogspot- expression of ideas, ideals and other senseless stuff of my everyday living- let me give you a glimpse of dormin. the following are some of my random thoughts about me, myself, and my surviving kind...

i'm 23, a below the minimum wage earner. a struggling public servant, a registered nurse by profession. so far, my life is a memorized routine.

i'm logizomechanophobic (computer stuff and technology in general triggers anaphylaxis) and agoraphobic( same is true with malls and public places)- but don't worry years of desensitization is finally taking its desired effect. my oil glands is still very active(and its killing me). i'm typically asocial and enjoys my singularity. i'm not good in starting and ending conversations. i only have two serious relationships( both were not that public and my second one is starting to shaken up "dopamine na lang gadala!"). i'm beginning to master the delivery of "its not you, its me" line. i don't believe in courtship but i do believe in the power of love letters and chocolates. i still dig the has-to-start-with-friendship drama. i'm old skul, part time melodramatic and full time melancholic. i love to entertain suicidal thoughts. i'm a bad liar. the best things and darkest things about me remains sealed and hidden. i'm good in keeping things to myself.

music and film fuels me. i too, as with jack black, hungrily craves for rock n roll 24/7. bob marley and kurt cobain are the greatest prophets. lourd de veyra is pure greatness. eli buendia is an honest artist swallowed by pop culture. pop culture can destroy anything. pop music will surely eat itself. i've watched 'a closkwork orange' more than any of my other favorite films. kubrick's, scorsese's, coen brother's, miyazaki's, and burton's all the way.

i labeled myself a pop rock poser once( never again).

skin tight jeans and miniskirts are the fashion industry's greatest gift to men.

stress is a good form of exercise.

nicotine and caffeine are two of life's cheapest form of happiness.

time really changes nothing.

wordplay and octane verses plus procrastination mix with my other psychotic tendencies drive my life. now that's a little too complicated, so this would be a prequel to the entries that will follow this so called introduction. lines coupled with other silly and ambitious poetry are to be expected (rules of grammar, spelling or redundancy aside). hope you will read between these lines.

by the way, dormin is just nimrod spelled backwards- a stupid name that i use for my ambitious exploits. nimrod is synonymous to a skillful hunter or an inept person. it's also the album title of greenday's 1997 punkrock release. you can also read it on genesis 10:8-9.



mahirap ko mang unawain-
ang teknolohiya at lahat
natatakot mang ilahad-
ang kabuuan at lubos
inaalintana man ang-
kahulugan ng mga pahayag

nais kong sabihin:

'ito ang panimula
ng aking mga linyang
natatago at araw-araw
na nakakasalamuha.'